Our Philosophy


We are committed to optimizing your health so you can experience the joys of life.


Our Vision

To provide personalized consulting services for chronic non-surgical conditions in a Holistic manner weaving traditional medicine with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

We are driven by our core values of Integrity, Service, Competence, and Compassion.

Total Integrity drives all that we do.  We put your best interests paramount in all our decisions.  We take pride in our clinical excellence and bed side manners.  We treat everyone with courtesy, compassion and love.  We are here to educate you so that you can make informed decisions about your health.  We will “GO THE EXTRA MILE” FOR YOU.

I would like to explain how our office functions.   We are very different than your traditional M.D.  We are open 1-2 days a week but during the winter months I am gone 2-4 weeks at a time.  I am NOT your primary care doctor, so you need to always have one for emergencies.  Since no one comes to me for emergencies, I do not have an answering service and you cannot expect to reach me by phone after office hours.  I strongly encourage you to use my email, jraomd@gmail.com and I will answer within 2 days. Please, in each email, leave your telephone number and a good time when you can be reached.

Having got the negative differences out of the way, between our office and traditional M.D.’s, let’s highlight what we really offer.

  • My promise to you is to treat you with respect.
  • Be totally honest with you
  • Do my very best to help you attain optimal health.

I spend between 40-60 minutes with every new patient.  I then spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours researching your problem before I come up with a comprehensive plan.  This plan is completely customized for YOU. As you progress, I make changes or tweak it depending on your response.

I will be happy to work in conjunction with your personal physician if they so desire.


Your Responsibility as a Patient

You have to take responsibility for your health and be willing to do whatever it takes.

  1. Be very patient and not expect instant healing and miracles. Lifestyle modifications are not easy but well worth it.
  2. Do not feel any question is too stupid to ask. If I do not know the answer I have no ego problem admitting that I do not know but will research it. I will never B.S. you.
  3. If you are unhappy, unsure or cannot understand what I said, I want you to speak up and question me. I will not think  badly of you for doing so.
  4. You must tell me absolutely and honestly not only all your symptoms but the stresors in your life. Do not minimize or think something is not important, let me be the judge of that.
  5. Without TOTAL 2 way communication, healing takes longer.
  6. If you have any tests done (scans, xrays, labs) it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to call or email and ask for the results, (you should do this with all your M.D.’s.) as at times the reports never make it to the office.
  7. Please ask for prescriptions refills at least one week before you run out and not on the last day.
  8. Make sure you have a return appointment before leaving the office.
  9. We would appreciate getting paid on the co-pay the same day but if there is a problem talk to us and we can make arrangements.  We DO NOT ever send anyone to a collection agency and if you are receiving repeated calls from our billing department, please notify the office.
  10. Please make sure you consult your personal before making any changes to prescribed medications or other treatments.